Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anthony Lau

Anthony_lau Marketing Director
Bank of Communications, The Pacific Credit Card Center, Hong Kong

The Shanghai World Expo in 2010 marked another significant international milestone for China, particularly following just a few years in the wake of the Beijing Olympics.  Whereas the Games offered the world a glimpse of a new China, the Expo was certainly a coming out party for business, multinational corporations and governments, as well as Chinese consumer enthusiasm.  For Anthony Lau and his marketing stewardship of the Pacific Credit Card Center (PCCC) of Bank of Communications, the Shanghai Expo also represented a critical marketing decision to leverage the bank’s unique status as one of its global partners.

Anthony Lau was assigned three years ago to Bank of Communications’ Pacific Credit Card Center as Marketing Director after more than 20 years' service with HSBC Hong Kong as the former Head of Branding and Advertising, Asia Pacific Region.  In his current Bank of Communications role, he leads a team of 70 and is responsible for marketing strategy development, brand building and product development, as well as customer acquisition and retention.

The Pacific Credit Card Center was established in 2004 and released its first credit card in the following year. Now, Bank of Communications is the fourth largest card issuer in China.

Lau has used his marketing experience and creativity to launch major projects such as new products like the Platinum Card and EXPO Card, as well as to direct nationwide marketing campaigns like the award winning “Crazy Spending” and “Red Hot Friday.”

Bank of Communications Limited, founded in 1908, is one of four oldest banks in China and one of the early note-issuing banks in the country.  During the economic reforms of the late 1980s, Bank of Communications became China's first state-owned shareholding commercial bank with its headquarters in Shanghai. By 2004, it further evolved into a modern banking enterprise with both mainland and overseas strategic investors, while still operating as a well-known, century-old national brand. 

The Shanghai Expo campaign — “Let the World Enrich Me” — communicated how the Pacific Credit Card is China’s “global card” with world class services that brings enhancements to the Chinese and their lives. Through TV commercials, print and outdoor media channels, as well as point of sales materials, the program targeted well-educated and self-confident Chinese between 25-35 years of age who have an international perspective and an interest in experiencing the world at large.

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