Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kudos to the 2010 Internationalists of the Year

CoverThis year marks The Internationalist’s seventh year of honoring marketing champions who “break the mold” with marketing ideas and embrace new levels of risk-taking that are now essential in delivering results and better connecting with consumers and customers. This year also boasts our largest group of winners.

Despite the variety of fields they represent, their diversity of location and varying years in the profession, all take the role of brand champion to heart.  If a phrase could summarize their dedication in this era of change, it would be “commitment to innovation.” Without their extraordinary efforts, inspiration and energy in the midst of 2010’s re-set economy, its fast digital pace and its renewed emphasis on accountability and responsibility, many marketing programs simply would not have left the drawing board.

The naming of the Internationalists of the Year never fails to reveal interesting trends. Without question, better understanding accelerated digital development is now an essential factor in innovative marketing thinking.  Issues of accountability and marketing responsibility loom large as more of our Internationalists link their budgets directly to sales results. They understand that it is essential to move from static brand communications to engaging customers if one is to demonstrate a measurable return on marketing investment.

All are figuring out how to present a consistent worldwide image that establishes overall customer confidence while still trying to connect on an individual customer level. Many have championed new regions or new markets, coordinated global teams, or were advocates of international projects that simply would not have happened without their energy and perseverance. Some even learned how brand diplomacy means being a champion for local economics. These leaders also recognize that a platform for connecting with customers must be built into their marketing plans and that “everything social” continues to shape their views on greater customer participation and improved marketing efficiencies.

Highlighting the people and ideas behind today’s successful cross-border campaigns and breakthrough accomplishments is at the heart of The Internationalist’s mission. All of these Internationalists have been nominated by their industry colleagues for their work in 2010.  Final selections were made by The The Internationalist advisory board and editorial team. These men and women join 71 other individuals named between 2004 through 2009.

Congratulations to the 2010 Internationalists of the Year, the individuals from around the world who are truly the brains behind the marketing of today’s best brands.


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