Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jon Achenbaum

John Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Marketing
Bayer Healthcare/ Diabetes Division, Tarrytown, New York

Whenever people mention Jon Achenbaum, they immediately talk about with his passion for building successful brands and his willingness to work on challenging projects that make a difference.  He has clearly managed to encompass both attributes in his work at Bayer Healthcare’s Diabetes Division.

In his position as Senior Vice President / Global Strategic Marketing, Jon is responsible for leading product management, brand strategy, marketing communications, eMarketing, competitive intelligence, customer and market insight, packaging and design, and medical marketing.

His marketing role at Bayer Healthcare also corresponds to a time when more patients are taking greater responsibility for their own healthcare needs.  Consumers, particularly those with diabetes, are demanding more choices to maintain their wellbeing, and as a result, are also driving healthcare companies to come up with more innovative solutions.

This thinking led to the SimpleWins brand campaign, which enabled Bayer Diabetes Care to define a unique space in an undifferentiated market.  SimpleWins underscores the company’s commitment to simplifying life with diabetes.  Through innovative products, online tools and services, Bayer empowers their customers to gain better control of their health, and ultimately, their happiness.

In fact, Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB is one such example.  CONTOUR® USB is the first plug & play meter that provides diabetes management software on any home computer.  Not only does the meter report useful past data, but it accurately enables a patient to personalize the way they test, record and view blood glucose results.

Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers, is an actual user of Bayer's CONTOUR® USB meter and has been a paid spokesperson for the company since 2008. The popular entertainer joined forces with Bayer HealthCare Diabetes Care to encourage people with diabetes to achieve Simple Wins, or small, every day victories. Nick shares his personal experiences with diabetes on www.NicksSimpleWins.com where he writes blog posts of his latest activities.

Jon Achenbaum’s concern with Simple Wins has also engendered Bayer’s new DIDGET™ blood glucose meter that allows children to manage their diabetes using their Nintendo DS gaming system. The DIDGET™ rewards kids for building consistent testing habits and meeting personalized blood glucose target ranges.  Jon recognizes that linking play with purpose can transform a child’s experience of a lifelong disease when tapping into their existing passion for handheld gaming.

Before his global role at Bayer, Jon Achenbaum's background includes nine years with Unilever in several executive positions-- including Senior Vice President of Global Skin Innovation, General Manager of the North American Hair and Oral Care businesses, as well as President of Lever Ponds in Canada.  Prior to Unilever, Jon worked for Helene Curtis in Brand Management, Business Development and Marketing Resources. He began his career at Quaker Oats and Pillsbury.

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