Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chad Carlson

ChadCarlson Senior Director of Global Online Advertising, Operations & Agency Management
Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, California

Chad Carlson leads the global go-to-market advertising activities for demand generation of Oracle's products and solutions.  He is also responsible for the worldwide operations of the centralized advertising organization and oversees global agency management.  The US-headquartered IT giant specializes in developing open and integrated enterprise software products and hardware systems, particularly in database management, and works with over 370,000 customers in 145 countries—including all of the Fortune 100 companies.

In this role, Chad managed the overhaul of the global digital asset management process to better administer the company’s creative production and distribution of assets used in advertising programs around the world.  As new digital communications have become the norm in the world’s developed and emerging markets, Chad worked with Starcom to ensure that every market would have access to a portfolio of best-in-class digital advertising content to promote the Oracle brand.  He also worked with agency partners to create an integrated ecosystem of content collaborators across Starcom, SDL (the content and language management company), third party publishers and Oracle local market teams—ensuring real-time support of all incoming brand and creative requests. 

Chad essentially built Oracle’s global advertising content portfolio on a worldwide basis. This includes: managing the development of translated white papers, e-books, online courses, virtual training, C-level engagements, banners and traditional ads.  Such innovation across 20 countries ultimately increased the efficiency of Oracle’s global advertising,

No doubt, his extensive marketing background and pioneering nature contributed to the success of this global undertaking. Chad has led global marketing and advertising teams into new territories many times.  He has also been quick to embrace global standards to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising programs and was one of the first major marketers to break out of the mindset that “the click means everything.”  Prior to joining Oracle in 2007, he was Chief of Staff for the Brand & Advertising group at Sun Microsystems.  His earlier ad agency background includes work with such clients as Bank of America, Microsoft and Apple.

Chad Carlson’s collaborative approach, drive for excellence, focus on accountability, and critical thinking skills motivate everyone who works with him.  One other lesser-known fact…. he’s also a member of the Board of Directors of the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California.

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