Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Julie T. Chan

Julie Chan 1.11 Director, International Media
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Madison, New Jersey

A leader in the Communications industry throughout her 20+ year career, Julie Chan joined Pfizer Consumer Healthcare as Director, International Media in May 2010 and is responsible for increasing Media effectiveness through innovation.  Julie is as an Integrated Communications and Digital visionary with expansive World-Wide communications experience and travel throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Passionate about working on International brands, one of Julie’s many responsibilities is Centrum, the multivitamin ranked #1 in twenty-two countries.   “Anywhere in the world you go, Centrum is Centrum, Caltrate is Caltrate, Advil is Advil.  They represent the same equity everywhere, yet it is interesting to see how the uniqueness of each market plays itself out.”  She describes her own experience to prove the point: 

“Before I came to Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, I didn't take vitamins, nor did I realize I needed a multivitamin.  I figured, I'm Chinese, I eat a balanced diet full of healthy and nutritious foods.  I didn't know that even though you can eat a well-rounded diet, you are still not getting enough vitamins + minerals.  This is a widely held belief in many regions of the world.  My challenge is to address this through different Communication programs that are relevant to Consumers in specific markets.  

At Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, we try to share best practice as much as possible and match up countries with the right solutions.  Challenges and solutions are always evolving.  At any point in time, you may have already encountered an issue which someone else can capitalize on two years from now.” 

She adds, “I also think there are media solutions and principles that are universal.  Anywhere you go, a GRP is a GRP, is a GRP.  However, it is how you approach the plan and insure its appropriateness for the market which makes it so much fun.”

Prior to joining Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Julie spent 13 years at Johnson & Johnson where she led a team of media professionals responsible for integrated communications, agency oversight and digital marketing for J&J’s Consumer and Pharmaceutical Companies.  Julie has an expertise in Emerging Markets such as China and Brazil and led the Communications for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics as part of J&J’s sponsorship.

Julie also led the production of the successful China Media Summit:  fast forward, Connecting in the Digital Age resulting in increased Digital advertising and website production.  Based on her vision, ABC television developed the primetime special “Stress Hurts: A Wake-up Call for Women”, which was supported at store level through displays at Wal-Mart nationwide.

Born and raised in New York City, she has had a long-term goal of seeing the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.  Today she's added a new goal of having a friend in every city.  “That's what makes my job so interesting.”


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