Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dwight Caines

Dwight_Caines3President, Worldwide Digital Marketing
Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing & Distribution, Culver City, California

There’s no question that the entertainment industry—and movie marketers in particular—have recognized the extraordinary power of digital media to promote films on an increasingly worldwide basis.  Sony Pictures’ Dwight Caines is not only a champion of digital marketing, but has established a number of significant milestones that demonstrate how he leads Hollywood thinking with innovative marketing ideas.

As President of Worldwide Digital Marketing at Sony Pictures, Dwight Caines manages all strategic and creative aspects of digital campaign development for the studio's film titles across the globe. He also directs all global digital media spending—now a significant portion of the total media budget, and works across various consumer channels, including; the Internet, portable and mobile devices, gaming platforms, and social media.

In addition, he drives the overall portal strategy for Sonypictures.com and Sonypictures.net, and provides strategic oversight to Imageworks Interactive, Sony Pictures' full-service agency that specializes in the extension of entertainment brands in the digital space.

 What sets Dwight apart is his clear vision of the role and value of digital media and the way in which he uses it to help Sony Pictures act as a pioneer among other major studios.  Both he and his immediate team have a sophisticated understanding of all things digital, including such related areas such as social media and how to use digital buzz to forecast a film's likely box office performance.

Dwight understands the challenges and opportunities of bringing big-screen entertainment to today’s difficult-to-reach, fragmented, digitally-oriented movie goers.  He also recognizes the need to continually redefine notions of “forward thinking” and “cutting edge”—whether he is promoting a blockbuster or a niche film.

He has now worked on more than 200 digital campaigns, including the marketing efforts for some of the decade’s biggest box office hits, such as the Spider-Man® franchise, Hancock, The Da Vinci Code, Casino Royale, The Pursuit of Happyness, Ghost Rider™, Superbad, Men in Black II, Black Hawk Down, The Karate Kid and The Social Network.

This year Dwight Caines was voted onto the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as the only digital marketing representative.   Also, as a member of the board of directors of The Entertainment Industry Foundation, he guided the digital marketing strategy for Stand Up 2 Cancer, a rare TV event that aired on three major television networks and raised over $100 million for cancer research.

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