Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scott Berg

Berg-GIF File Director, Global Digital Strategy & Ecosystems,  Corporate Marketing
Hewlett-Packard Company, Houston Texas USA

At a time when the fast-changing digital media landscape has most marketers concerned about keeping up, Scott Berg excels at staying several steps ahead.

His role at HP challenges him to operate at the nexus of digital media and information technology. Add a global overlay, and you’ve got a notion of his everyday complexity.   Just the description of his current multinational marketing program is enough to leave most heads spinning.

He explains, “As HP is a global company with multiple local, regional and global campaigns all occurring simultaneously, we've focused on building and expanding our digital ecosystem.  This ecosystem is built on the simple premise of how a customer goes through the purchase cycle, the usage cycle, service cycle and ultimately the repurchase or recommendation cycle.  Each one of these specific areas has unique opportunities for HP to interact with and influence our customer base.  Specifically, we've done the following:

Expanded our mobile presence from 0 countries to 67 with a goal to push our m.hp.com site to 110 countries by year’s end.  Not only can customers now interact directly with HP through their mobile device, but we can detect 92% of the mobile products they are using.  This enables HP to serve just the specific content that can be consumed by that mobile model.  If a cell phone doesn’t have the capacity to play video, we won’t serve video—eliminating frustrations for our customers.  Since mobile devices are used at retail, our mobile goals are simple:  Buy Now, Buy Up or Attach.  This spring, we’ll add text codes, QR codes, etc. to make it easier for customers to get direct information from HP on a specific product.

Expanded our social sites.  After consolidating 22 "rogue" HP sites on Facebook, we grew from 50K fans to 1.3M fans in under 2 years.  Plus, we created unique templates so our regions could roll out a specific country Facebook presence quickly and under the same brand specifications; now 85% of our countries are on Facebook with a unified brand experience and content.  We've also launched regional social sites such as Orcut, RenRen, Hi5, Kaixin, mixi, etc

Our integrated HP Channel on YouTube has brought together all of our disparate video content and consolidated it into a single, easy-to-navigate "portal" for customers.  Next is to create "sub YouTube" sites for each region to ensure a regional/country level reach and feel to our content.

We also launched 18 customer communities on hp.com with twelve focused on the enterprise customer.  This year we’ll expand those communities on hp.com internationally, so we can speak directly with customers in specific market or vertical segments and enable faster customer support.  Our latest test is directly integrating our consumer support forum questions and answers into Facebook in the US.

We are fortunate to be one of the first 25 companies to test the new business profile section on Linked In.  This allows us to focus on business executives with content, information and interactions that would normally be difficult.

And finally, we're updating hp.com across the entire globe... making it cutting edge with content, technology enhancements, social and mobile features integrated across the site and wrapping that in compelling design and user experience.”

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