Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shawn Warren

Shawn-Warren Vice President Marketing
Kraft Foods Asia-Pacific, Singapore

Shawn Warren heads marketing for Kraft Foods Asia-Pacific with a team of over 300+ professionals across the region.  He is a passionate believer that “the best ideas are proven ideas that travel fast and freely across markets.” As a result, Shawn has driven outstanding communications across the region, particularly on large international brands like OREO, TANG and CADBURY DAIRY MILK.  In fact, both of these brands are testament to the speed and impact of how taking ideas seemlessly across markets can deliver explosive in-market growth for Kraft Foods Asia-Pacific.

In 2010, Shawn was responsible for the driving extraordinarily successful campaigns for OREO across ten Asia-Pacific countries that delivered revenue growth of more than 50% versus the prior year. In fact, under his leadership, the brand has tripled its revenues over the last 3 years in Asia.  OREO is driving substantial snack share gains for Kraft Foods in the region, and is a beacon for how the company is successfully accelerating growth by establishing Marketing Excellence in International Markets.

The OREO campaign is among the best examples of the proprietary GLOCAL model being deployed by Kraft Foods throughout the world. The GLOBAL element of the campaign celebrates the worldwide theme of “Moments of Togetherness.”  The LOCAL aspect uncovers key consumer insights for widely differing countries to better portray how these “Moments of Togetherness” can be brought to life in each Oreo market.

In China and Hong Kong, OREO partnered with the famous Shanghai-born basketball player Yao Ming to build an integrated marketing campaign that uses strong TV, events, online games, outdoor and in-store displays to bring the idea of “Can you Dunk?” to life.  The campaign has made China the second best-selling OREO market globally — after the United States, and the #1 cookie brand in China.  

In Australia, the “Moments of Togetherness” campaign was captured with an integrated advertising approach featuring two boys playing OREO “Twist, Lick, Dunk” games at a schoolyard to win the adoration of the prettiest girl in their class.  In Thailand, the campaign was brought to life by a father and son twisting, licking and dunking new Golden OREO in milk.  In Indonesia, “Moments of Togetherness” showed children playfully dunking OREO in milk on a basketball court. The similarities are clear: the worldwide theme of “Moments of Togetherness” is easily captured emotionally, while all campaigns have resulted in record growth for the brand.

A 16-year veteran of Kraft Foods, with stints across Canada, the US and with 6 years now spent in Asia, Shawn Warren champions and celebrates the creativity of his marketing team through a number of forums several times a year. He also publishes “Marketing Excellence — Delicious Hits,” a series of online video compilations of strong marketing campaigns that his team has developed across the Asia-Pacific Region. These are used as critical training tools to inspire fellow marketers and encourage strong creative ideas to travel quickly across markets.

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