Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lee Ann Daly

Lee Ann Daly Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Thomson Reuters Markets,
New York

Lee Ann Daly, EVP and CMO of Thomson Reuters Markets, led the largest and most ambitious marketing campaign in the company’s history in 2010, entitled, “New Era. New Tools.”  Drawing from her background in advertising and production, Lee Ann brought fresh ideas and integrated innovative perspectives that pushed the boundaries of traditional financial marketing.  Fond of likening the “New Era. New Tools..” experiential campaign tactics with those typically used to launch a new soft drink, Lee Ann charged her global team of nearly 200 marketers with executing a strategy that positioned Thomson Reuters as an innovative and forward-thinking organization.

One of Lee Ann’s main motivations was bringing this launch and its accompanying offerings (Thomson Reuters Elektron, a strategic data distribution offering; Reuters Insider, a groundbreaking, interactive financial video capability; and Thomson Reuters Eikon, a completely re-imagined financial desktop) straight to the end user, and she knew that in order to do so, this campaign had to be highly targeted and focused on our clients around the world.  From the advertising creative for Eikon, which profiled customer personas in seven major markets, to the global execution of the campaign, which reached 14 financial centers in more than eight languages, Lee Ann ensured that Thomson Reuters, a global organization with a presence in more than 190 countries, marketed like one.

Thomson Reuters Markets was formed in 2008 during a time of great uncertainty and change in the financial industry, yet made a $1B investment in innovation to build game-changing platforms and tools to better serve customers.  This investment brought together strategists, product developers, salespeople, senior executives and the marketing community, led by Lee Ann Daly, to develop and deliver offerings that would completely redefine Thomson Reuters and set it apart from its competitors in the financial services industry.

Her role was to create the blueprint that brought it all together, working with the businesses to craft customer-centered communications and orchestrate and inspire the collaboration of marketers to make an impact around the world.  The entire effort was delivered under the tagline "New Era. New Tools.." — a phrase intended to capture the customers’ palpable desire to get back to business and create a better future for the financial markets, as well as to highlight Thomson Reuters’ own investment in a new, innovative way forward.

As inventive as these offerings are, they are rather esoteric until actually seen and used.  Lee Ann was always quick to note that “with experience comes understanding”, so she tasked her global team to use the extensive customer knowledge they had gleaned to make these launches as hands-on, relevant and engaging as possible.   They included Street Teams, interactive art installations, LED Boxes at London’s Canary Wharf and New York’s Grand Central Station and Go Live events in 14 cities.

Through a deep and well-researched understanding of the end user and a commitment to putting innovation in their hands — no matter where they live in the world, Lee Ann and her team created a global campaign unlike any other in the financial industry.

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